---Missionary Care---Supporting those who have answered the call to serve





Our calling is to help missionaries remain spiritually, mentally, physically and relationally healthy, and focused on their part of the great commission to which they have been called.  We seek to stem the worrying trend of missionary burn-out, high turn-over and early-departure from the mission field.  We provide missionary care on the ground and in country where it can be most effective and most efficient.  We seek to help healthy missionaries stay that way, provide extra support to those who are struggling, help new missionaries hit the ground running and help those who should no longer be on the field return home in a healthy way.



Our goal is that none of those who have truly been called by God to serve in El Salvador leave before their mission has been completed.  We believe that supporting missionaries on the ground is the best way to make sure they are successful and that all that is given by both the senders and the goers is multiplied 100 fold.

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Relationships-  The two biggest causes of missionaries leaving the field early are infighting with fellow missionaries and marriage problems.  From our experience a close third would be parents deciding they need to leave for the mental health of their children.  Everything we do from our yearly retreats, missionary guest homes and special events are focused on building and restoring relationships among co-laborers, marriages and families.


Rest-  One of the main causes of missionary burnout is lack of proper self-care including times or rest and retreat.  As a missionary there is never enough hours in the day to meet the needs around you.  Many missionaries fall into the trap of believing that it all depends on them.  Studies show that those who do not take enough rest or take times of respite actually accomplish less than those who take vacations and keep more balanced hours.  This is doubly true on the mission field where even the mundane aspects of life are often tiring and stressful.  We encourage our missionaries to follow Christ’s example of taking time away to pray and rest.  We help missionaries schedule time of rest through our yearly retreat (The Gathering) and our two beach homes that they can use up to 10 nights a year free of charge.  This helps make sure that lack of funds or concern about using support money for vacation does not keep missionaries from getting healthy time away.

Recreation-  Outdoor recreation is important for physical and mental health especially when living in an extremely stressful environment.  Unfortunately because of very real security concerns in El Salvador there is often very little opportunity for outdoor fun especially for missionary kids   It is especially important to allow missionary kids to feel a positive connection to their adopted land and not feel as if they live in a prison.  Our homes are in relatively safe areas where kids can swim in the pool, run on the beach and learn how to surf.  Our Punta Mango beach house is in the one of the last undeveloped beach areas in El Salvador where the husband and wife can get away for long walks on the beach at sunset and the kids can play in the gentle surf.  In addition to the beach activities we have the goal of purchasing all terrain vehicles for to ride on the beach and explore the juggle filled back roads.  Missionary kids are asked to give up so much and face so many challenges so we are excited to give them some amazing experience to cherish and look forward to.  We purposely designed the Punta Mango property with a number of small cottages to accommodate up to 4 families so that missionary families can go together and both kids and adults can play together and build relationships.
–Redirection-  Many of the missionaries we work with are at critical inflection points in their calling and wrestling with decisions about the future.  We offer a safe place where they can come to talk through what new direction God is calling them to.  Many of the issues they are working through are issues we have seen before and we can help them pray through things and connect them with professional counselors or others that can help guide them.

“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”

Alma Peterson  |  Co-Founder


History-  About 10 years ago Michael and Brittney Peterson bought a beach house in El Salvador and would spend the winter months there.  During that time they got to know a number of missionary families and would invite them to spend time at the beach with them.  Through this they began to understand the struggles these families faced living in the murder capital of the world and how refreshing it was for them to be able to spend time at the beach.  Over the next couple of years the Lord put it on their hearts to use their beach properties and the free time that their seasonal business gave them to seek to minister to the missionaries serving in El Salvador