Working to Keep Families Strong

If you are a missionary, than your marriage is on the line.  Marriages that seemed fine in the US often self destruct on the mission field.  Make sure that you are pouring into your marriage and your spouse, 
and that your supporters are covering you in prayer.


You see that happy missionary family smiling out of the postcard on your fridge?  Their marriage is probably hanging by a thread

One of the things that shocked me when we began our ministry to missionaries in El Salvador was the number of missionaries struggling in their marriages. I was even more shocked when my own marriage began to suffer. Within two months, my wife and I went from having 2 to 3 big fights a year to having 2 to 3 fights a day.

Many people put missionaries up on pedestals and assume their marriages are perfect. The reality is that missionaries are just normal people like you and me. They have answered the call to leave everything to serve God. The thing is that they didn’t get to leave behind their selfish desires, annoying habits, and personal struggles. Not only are these issues along for the ride, but they are in a pressure cooker. Cracks become chasms and as people begin to boil over, their spouse is bound to get burned.

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