Missionary Kids have a story of their own.  It is known that many times the children take the back seat to the ministry.  Generation after generation of missionary kids have struggled to live the calling of their parents.  Their questions are hard and the wrestling of where they fit in is real.  What has God called them to? Where is God in their life? Where do they fit in? 

Our hope is that through our MKs camps, The Gathering, and through our MKs work program in the states, we will be able to catch them in a place where we can build into the heart of who they are.  Help them find their own journey in the Lord while grappling with their identity of living abroad.

MK Work Program in Costa Mesa, CA

Summer of 2019

Your kids have had a unique life growing up in Central America.  We understand that they sacrificed much to live and learn as a missionary kid.  They have missed out on some typical teenage things like, working as a teenager, learning how to drive, opening their own bank account, and managing their own money without the stress of having to provide for themselves. 

This year we are launching a new MK Work Program.  With Mike and Britney’s unique business we are inviting all graduating seniors and students going into their senior year an opportunity to come to California to work at the OC Fair for the summer.  We will assist them in finding a job with a vendor at the OC Fair. During these 6 weeks your student will have the opportunity to work, earn their own money, learn to drive through a certified driving school, go through debriefing and talking through living in the US with John Mark and Cristina Robeck, attend church, weekly dinners at the Robeck house and have some California fun days at the beach!

The program is designed to walk with your students as they grapple with adjusting to the US and give them some opportunities that they may not have gotten while living abroad.  The Robeck Family has an amazing network of donors that have graciously offered room and board for the students. Each student will have another MK to room with at their host family homes.  We will also spend the first few days in California at a beach house just getting to know each other and hanging out.

Cost: your student will need to pay for their ticket to fly in and out of John Wayne Airport. All group activities housing and meals with their host families are covered.   Any special accommodations they may need will need to be covered by them.

Space is limited.  Contact Cristina to reserve your spot: Cristina@MissionaryFellowship.com