"MPD Training " 

Let’s Change How We Look at Raising Support

March 6-8, 2018
8am – 4:30pm / $75 per person / The Sheraton Hotel, San Salvador

You are invited to come learn from the expert in Ministry Partner Development
Presented by CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

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Ministry Partner Development (MPD) Training

Raising funds for your ministry is not something you have to do so you can do ministry. It is engaging and mobilizing the hearts of God’s people to be a part of the Great Commission through their prayers and generosity. At its core giving is an expression of worship. This training will walk you through what God says about how He provides for those He’s called to serve Him full time. You will see a thread of continuity about His provision that runs through the Old and New Testaments. You will learn how to cast your vision, present your ministry and invite people to become ministry partners through their prayers and generosity. During the training, you will create a presentation you can use when you raise support.

Bring to this training materials (digital and in print) what you currently use to present to prospective ministry partners. It is important for missionary couples that both husband and wife participate. Raising support is not a one spouse activity. Both need to be engaged in this process.

Let’s change how we look at raising support from something we have to do to out of necessity to opportunities we seize to urgently mobilize people to give and pray so that every man, woman and child on this planet can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.


Ellis F.  Goldstein
Director of Ministry Partner Development

Ellis Goldstein is a Jewish believer who met his Messiah at Penn State University. He has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. Since 1973 he has served as a staff member with Cru, the US ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Colleen, his wife, joined Cru in 1971. His first 18 years of ministry were in New England where he helped pioneer new campus ministries. He also served in a leadership capacity for the northeast helping staff members raise their personal support. Since 1991 he has been the Director of Ministry Partner Development, and is responsible for the support development for Cru staff members serving in the United States and internationally.

Ellis has trained over 14,000 missionaries with Cru and many other missions agencies in the United States and overseas. His driving passion is to equip and inspire Christian workers to be Christ-centered, fully-funded and financially-faithful. He regularly consults with Christian organizations to help them create fund development training for their missionaries.


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