Michael and Brittney Peterson
Co-Founders, El Salvador Missionary Fellowship


About 10 years ago, Michael and Brittney along with their children Eliana and John Peterson came to El Salvador on a surf trip.  It was on this trip when they made their first purchase of their beach home in El Zonte.   Over the next several years they became friends with a number of missionary families in El Salvador and began allowing them to use their beach house as a place of respite. Through this interaction, the Petersons began to understand the struggles that missionary families faced living in a country marred by violence and poverty.  The time spent with the missionary families opened their eyes to the growing need that missionaries face.  This led them to eventually move to El Salvador and form, El Salvador Missionary Fellowship.  In 2014 they officially open the first missionary house in El Zonte and then in Punta Mango.  Their heart is to see missionaries in Central and South America living healthy lives to further the kingdom of God.  The Peterson family returns to the United States every summer to run their family business in order to support themselves.